What is oxygen and how is it made? Know in easy language

The demand for oxygen cylinders has increased due to the Corona epidemic. The reason for this is that corona patients are facing a lot of breathing problems. Then people’s lives are being saved by installing oxygen cylinders. Because of which there is a demand for oxygen cylinders everywhere.

Before the Corona epidemic, oxygen was used only in a few places. Due to which the production of oxygen is also limited. But there is a problem in supply due to increase in the use of oxygen. Although oxygen producing countries are helping. Let us tell you what is oxygen, how is oxygen made and what is the method of making oxygen.

Types of oxygen

First of all, know that there are two types of oxygen. First natural and second artificial oxygen. Natural oxygen is obtained from trees. Because of which we are able to breathe in the open. That’s where artificial oxygen is manufactured. Know about artificial oxygen.

Oxygen in basic chemical elementsis one of them. In the most common formhento, oxygen is a colorless gas that is in the air.are found. It is life-giving on earth.One of the elements and itsAll humans and animals need it.

Use of oxygen

In the use of oxygenMany industrial, commercial, medical and scientific applications are covered. In addition to the use of oxygenTalking about medical matters. Blast furnace for making steelIt is used. Many synthetic chemicals including ammonia, alcohol and various plasticsis an important component of production.

Oxygen and acetylene are combined together to provide the high temperature required for welding and metal cutting. When oxygen cools below -297°F (-183°C), it becomes a pale blue liquid that is used as rocket fuel.is done.

Oxygen is one of the most abundant chemical elements on earth.is one of them. Earth’s crustAbout half of it is composed of oxygenated chemical compounds, and a fifth of our atmosphere.Part is oxygen gas. The human body is about two-thirds of oxygen.

How is oxygen formed?

Talk about oxygen producing countries all over the worldThe five largest oxygen producing countries. including Western Europe, Russia (east)Includes the USSR), the United States, Eastern Europe, and Japan. Learn how oxygen is made.

Making oxygen providence

Oxygen is transported by many different methods to multiple materials.can be produced from. The most common natural method is photo-synthesis, in whichPlants in the air using sunlight to oxygenize carbon dioxidechange. It shuts down the respiratory process, includingAnimals convert oxygen back into carbon dioxide in the air.

How medical and commercial oxygen is made

The most common commercial method for producing medical oxygen is to separate the air using either the cryogenic distillation process or the vacuum swing adsorption process. Nitrogen and argon tooAre produced separately from air.

Oxygen also as a result of a chemical reaction Can be produced in which oxygen is released from the chemical compound and becomes a gas. This method is used in limited quantities for life support on submarines, aircraft and spacecraft.It is done to generate oxygen.

Method of making oxygen in the laboratory

Cryogenic distillation processMost commercial oxygen is produced using variation. This process produces 99 % pure oxygen. RecentlyIn, the use of more energy-efficient vacuum swing adsorption process in limited numbersHas been used for applications in which oxygen with purity greater than 90-93%There is no need.

oxygen cylindervalue

If you talk about the price of oxygen cylindersSo, on normal days, oxygen cylinders cost three and a half to five hundred rupees.It’s the price. But, in this disaster, there is chaos.People buy oxygen cylinders from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rupees.They are charging a price.

Corona patients in home isolationThere is enough small cdevice called oximeter.Can help. This shows the level of oxygen in the blood.

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