What is HDD? How does HDD work?

If you use a computer or laptop, then you will also be aware of the term hard disk. You must have seen hard drives in your computer at one time or the other. But do you know how this hard disk works? Or what are the advantages and disadvantages of hard disk? Or what is the full form of HDD?

If not, then today’s article is for you only. In this article I will tell you what is the full form of HDD? What is the full form of HDD in Hindi? What happens to HDD with it? How does HDD work? And finally what are the advantages and disadvantages of HDD? So to know all these read this article completely from beginning to end.

What is HDD Full Form?

The full form of HDD is “Hard Disk Drive”.

hdd full form
The full form of HDD is “Hard Disk Drive” in Hindi.

What is HDD?

A hard disk is an electromechanical data storage device that stores digital data using magnetic storage and one or more rigid rapidly rotating platters coated with magnetic material.

In simple words, hard disk is a storage device in which data is stored. We use it to store data like photos, videos, audios, documents.

How does HDD work?

There is a hard disk of a round shape in the hard disk, this disk is the platter. This platter is made of aluminum. In this disk, data is stored digitally using magnetic storage. To make it magnetic, there is a coating of Cobalt and Platinum on it. After this there is a coating of carbon on it.

This disk spins very fast while reading and writing data. We measure this speed with RPM. It is as high as the RPM. The hard disk is equally fast, so while buying the hard disk, do check its RPM.

To read the data stored in the hard disk, a head is attached to it, which reads this data. There are two heads for a platter in any hard disk. One head is mounted on the top of the platter and one is mounted just below the platter. This head does not touch the platter at all.

If the head touches the platter, the hard disk will be damaged. You will see that the head is touching the platter but it does not touch the platter. As close as possible to the head platter. It can read that much data very well. Generally it is at a distance of 10 nanometers from the platter.

What are the advantages of HDD?

cheap price

Hard disks are very cheap. If you buy an SSD then it is very expensive and there is less storage available while the cost of hard disk is less than any storage device. People like to buy more when it is cheap.

more space

You get more space on the hard disk. In the market, you can take hard disk of 100 TB or more space.

What are the disadvantages of HDD?

Weight & Size

The weight and size of hard disk is very high due to which it occupies more space in laptop and computer and also makes it heavy. Harddisk is rarely used in today’s modern laptops and computers. Today most use SSD only.

Power Consumption

The power consumption in hard disk is also very high because it is a mechanical device and it has moving parts, so it consumes more power.


The speed of hard disk is much less than that of SSD. Although today’s modern hard disk has become much better than before, but still it runs very slowly in front of SSD. Due to the slow hard disk, the software installed in the hard disk also opens slowly. Even windows boots slower than this.

What is the history of HDD?

In 1957, IBM shipped its first production hard disk drive as a component of the 305 RAMAC system. It was about the size of 2 small refrigerators and used 52 discs. Announced by IBM in 1961 and shipped in 1962. The IBM 1301 Disk Storage Unit that supported the IBM 350 and similar drives.

What is IBM Full Form? What is IBM?

Also in 1962, IBM introduced the Model 1311 disk drive, which was the size of a washing machine and stored two million characters on a removable disk pack.

Subsequent models of removable packaged drives, from IBM and others, became the norm in most computer installations and reached capacities of 300 megabytes by the early 1980s. In 1963 IBM introduced the 1302, which had twice the track capacity and twice as many tracks per cylinder as the 1301.

Hard disks were an expensive feature in computers until the 1980s. But by the late 1980s its value had come down substantially.

After this, from 2000 to 2010, high performance hard drives started coming in the market. And in 2018, the largest capacity hard drive was 15 TB, while the largest capacity SSD was 100 TB.


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