What is CD Full Form? What is CD?

Have you ever wondered what is this CD that you use, how does it work or what is the CD Full Form? Have you ever had such a question regarding CD in your mind? If such a question has come in your mind then today you will get your answer.

In this article I will tell you what is the full form of CD? What is CD? How does CD work? So let’s start today’s topic again.

What is CD Full Form?

The full form of CD is “Compact Disc”. It can also be called a dense disk or a solid disk in Hindi. CDs were originally created to record audio and store document files.

What is CD?

CD is a 4.75 inch optical storage device. In this the data is stored digitally. A typical CD has 700 MB of storage. CDs were created specifically to store programming files and audio.

The CD-ROM was developed in 1982 by the Japanese company Denon. The CD-ROM was introduced by Denon and Sony in 1984 at a Japanese computer show. During the 1990s, CD-ROMs were used to store and market software and data for computers and fourth-generation video game consoles.

If you want to know how CD or DVD is made or how CD and DVD work, then you can read our previous post, but I have told you in detail how CD and DVD are made and how it works.

Where is CD used?

Antivirus – CD has also been used a lot for antivirus. Today people download setup from internet and buy license key online but even today if you buy any antivirus in offline market then you get only antivirus cd in it.

Software – CD is not used for all software, but yes small software is still available in CD in the market.

Games – Similarly, the small games which are available in CD only, DVD is used for the rest of the more heavy games.

Driver – CD is also used for the driver. Laptop drivers are very heavy, that’s why DVD is used for that, but the drivers of printers and some devices are still available in CD only.

Office Data – Even today, when many companies send their data in hard copy to another company, they send that file only after storing it in CD.

What are the advantages of CD?

Price – The only biggest advantage of CD is its price, in just Rs 10 you can store up to 700 MB of data in it. If you have to give any data to someone in hard copy, then instead of giving that data in pendrive, you can give it in CD.

Portability – Another advantage is its portability, you can easily take the CD anywhere, its thickness is also very less.

What are the disadvantages of CD?

Limited Storage – The biggest drawback of CD is its limited storage. Only 700 MB of storage is available in CD, so if your data is more than 700 MB, then you will have to use two CDs for this. Or you have to use DVD.

Safety – Another disadvantage of CD is that you have to keep it very carefully because sometimes the CD gets bent and sometimes it breaks. Apart from this, it also gets scratched many times, due to which the data can also be destroyed.

No data recovery – This is the biggest disadvantage of CDs. If your CD gets damaged due to any reason, then its data is completely destroyed and you cannot recover it, whereas if the pendrive or hard disk is damaged, then the data can be recovered from it.

One time data store – Data can be stored only once in CD like if you store any data in cd then you cannot delete it nor can you put data in it again like we Do it in pendrive.

I hope you have understood and liked the CD Full Form and its advantages, disadvantages and all kinds of information. If you still have any question, then you can ask us by commenting below.

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